Features & Benefits

Our #1 objective is to gain your complete confidence.

T.M. France, Inc. provides the greatest level of service possible. This will go way beyond installing the properly balanced irrigation system for your landscape needs. It will continue through our efforts to maintain the efficiency, precision, protection, and overall function of the irrigation system that you will be depending on for years to come.


  • Upon receiving your call for service, we will respond promptly to address your needs.
  • Every spring, arrangements will be made on our part to fire up your ststem for the season. There will be no need for you to have to remember or call for scheduling.
  • A mid-season check is often requested by many of our customers. Adjustments may be necessary due to the changing conditions and elements of our northern Michigan climate.
  • Again, arrangements on our part will be made. This time, to winterize your irrigation system in order to protect it against the harsh conditions of winter. Of course, no need to call or schedule.


  • 31 Years of Experience: This is what we will bring to the job site throughout the life of your irrigation system.
  • Reputation: We will go the extra mile every time to insure that you are completely satisfied with our service.
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff: Our field staff personnel are very well trained and understand the importance of your confidence in their professionalism. At headquarters, we take pride in the comments we receive about them on a very regular basis. We make it our duty to pass that comment along to that member of our team every time.